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The Business of Sustainability

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Yesterday morning I shared a panel stage with two wonderful Philadelphia leaders - Gabriel Mandujano from Wash Cycle Laundry and Executive Director of Greensgrow Farms, Ryan Kuck. One runs a for profit company, the other a nonprofit organization. Both sell services and goods, both are using their values and a triple bottom line to provide living wage jobs, a needed service, and doing it all with a focus on environmental impact. We discussed the similarities and differences we face in acquiring capital, meeting our missions and bottom line, and what social impact means to us. A common thread was the desire to provide jobs that make for better lives and to build organizations that strengthen communities. Sound bites like that get utter a lot by politicians, but they take on a whole new tenor of truth when they are uttered by people really doing that work day in and day out. I love seeing organizations like these thriving on their missions and values. It's what makes me want to do the work we do, helping advance those missions and engage people in impactful behavior. If you are looking for ways to deepen your connection to your community, get your laundry done, or need plants for your garden - check these two sustainable businesses out.

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