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Civic Engagement New Years Resolution

A writer from The Philadelphia Citizen recently reached out and asked me to share an item for her story on a Civic Engagement New Year’s Resolution list. I wanted to share what I told her (and also encourage readers to make a resolution).

So, I told her that I'm going to be launching the second phase of my pilot project at Starr Garden Rec Center by expanding to more classes and hopefully new rec centers.

To give you some background - last year on MLK Day the MilkCrate team volunteered there, and I noticed a kiln in the corner. Fast forward to this fall and I built them a website,, and use this site to recruit arts and crafts teachers and adult students who want to have an affordable maker space. This pilot started with a ceramics class that attracted 25 young Philadelphians who had never been in a rec center before and now have a creative outlet, new social network, and know where their local rec center is and are invested in it. This MLK Day my ceramics class students will be helping transform the classroom and provide some much needed cleaning, organization and decorating. 

Next steps are to find more teachers, preferably folks in the community with skills to share and a need for extra income. Art school graduates, retired teachers - anyone who has a skill to share. We want this program to eventually grow to all Rec Centers, providing additional income to teachers, bringing in much needed revenue to the centers, and of course providing an essential service to adults throughout the city - the chance to unplug, connect, and create.

Interested in teaching an art/craft class? Sign up here. Students who want to take a class can register for our open classes here (classes make great gifts and there are more coming soon!).

And anyone should visit and share. Hope to see you all at the Holiday Craft Party this Friday at 5:30pm at 600 Lombard Street. 

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